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Essential Gaming Software – Curse

Gamers come in all shapes and size and most enjoy several types of entertainment in terms of gaming, including video games, board games, table top games, mobile games and others. Because of the amount of gaming around us today, we have a variety of platforms to choose from, and for many of us that play video games, the PC is a premier device used to power our favorite games for a couple of reasons. Beyond the beefed up hardware and available software that can only be found on the PC, we enjoy something few console gamers have the ability to, modding. Modding is a huge force in PC gaming that keeps games relevant for years after the vanilla version has been worn down, just look at how “Skyrim” is still in use years after its release and how content is still churned out for it on a daily basis. But modding can be challenging, especially when games are not on Steam and have access to its modding support via the workshop, but the Curse client, a simple program from Curse, is a great way to mod some of your games easily, especially if you are into MMOs.

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