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Essential Gaming Software – Raptr

Do you remember when games didn’t have achievements and the only way to measure completion was by discussing plot points with friends? The good old days, right? Well, those times have come and gone, and in today’s gaming environment many of us are out to prove our progression through achievements and other quantifiable statistics. The problem, for us PC gamers at least, is that fewer games are being put into Steam (the king of software platforms on PC) and being added to other gaming hubs like Blizzard’s Battle.net, EA’s Origin, Ubisoft’s Uplay and more recently Trion’s Glyph, just to name a few. This leaves us with several services to not only play on but to connect with friends and compare progress, with can add up to some serious micromanaging. However, there is a service out there that makes condensing this information, including friends, game statistics and achievements, much easier to track.

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