Dragon Age: Inquisition – Initial Thoughts

5 hours into the new Dragon Age and I am HOOKED! This could be one for the books based on what I have seen so far, and if you were a fan of either of the games, this is going to be a must play title. I have never played the second game in the series but have seen many others do so, so I feel comfortable talking about some of its aspects in comparison to Inquisition. In a small description, Inquisition is a huge open world with fast paced combat that still requires tactical placement if one is to succeed in many encounters placed around the map. There is an enormous amount of exploration to undertake as well as a plethora of lore to discover that builds beautifully on the stories of the first two games. As fans of the series or of role playing games in general, this is going to be an exquisite experience.

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Essential Gaming Software – Raptr

Do you remember when games didn’t have achievements and the only way to measure completion was by discussing plot points with friends? The good old days, right? Well, those times have come and gone, and in today’s gaming environment many of us are out to prove our progression through achievements and other quantifiable statistics. The problem, for us PC gamers at least, is that fewer games are being put into Steam (the king of software platforms on PC) and being added to other gaming hubs like Blizzard’s Battle.net, EA’s Origin, Ubisoft’s Uplay and more recently Trion’s Glyph, just to name a few. This leaves us with several services to not only play on but to connect with friends and compare progress, with can add up to some serious micromanaging. However, there is a service out there that makes condensing this information, including friends, game statistics and achievements, much easier to track.

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Warlords of Draenor – Launch Update

Earlier this week WoD went live as Warcraft continued to celebrate its now decade long run. Like any new game or expansion to a popular one, the experience so far has been less than thrilling due to instability. After almost a year without any major updates, players are hungry to get back to Azeroth and the current que times are showing it. In fact, since I decided to join Area 52, one of the most populated Horde PvE servers, my que times have been several hours at a time, forcing me to play on alternate servers with lower level characters when I can. Because of this, this update will have less information than I had originally anticipated.

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