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MMOs and other multiplayer based games. These games can often be played alone but I find them most entertaining in groups or guilds

DayZ Update – Experimental .51 (Part 2)

To read about the first batch of changes that came with the .51 update, click here. The second batch of .51 files went out to experimental servers yesterday and have added a couple of new items along with some other hopeful items and services to come. Admittedly due to my addiction to Dragon Age: Inquisition I actually haven’t had time myself to investigate the update, but what follows can be found on some reputable sites, such as DayZTV.

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Warlords of Draenor – Launch Update

Earlier this week WoD went live as Warcraft continued to celebrate its now decade long run. Like any new game or expansion to a popular one, the experience so far has been less than thrilling due to instability. After almost a year without any major updates, players are hungry to get back to Azeroth and the current que times are showing it. In fact, since I decided to join Area 52, one of the most populated Horde PvE servers, my que times have been several hours at a time, forcing me to play on alternate servers with lower level characters when I can. Because of this, this update will have less information than I had originally anticipated.

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DayZ Update – Experimental .51

If you’ve been following the production of DayZ since it came out, then you know that the team rolls out updates in two different tiers. The first is to the experimental servers, where the devs can add or remove content to enhance gameplay and get real time feedback from players willing to try out new content before it is pushed again. The second release is the content that successfully made it through the experimental phase and is then pushed into the “stable” servers where the game is supposed to be near-fully functional. I personally like the system and spend most of my time on experimental, and this week it got another update in 0.51.

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