DayZ Update – Experimental .51 (Part 2)

To read about the first batch of changes that came with the .51 update, click here. The second batch of .51 files went out to experimental servers yesterday and have added a couple of new items along with some other hopeful items and services to come. Admittedly due to my addiction to Dragon Age: Inquisition I actually haven’t had time myself to investigate the update, but what follows can be found on some reputable sites, such as DayZTV.

The biggest addition so far seems to be the implementation of the player made ghillie suit, a favorite for marksmen and players who value stealth above protection. There are a couple of pieces that will make up an entire ghillie suit, including the chest piece and head piece, and it would be wise of the user to find matching pants or to paint them (it should be noted that many people have said the ghillie can be spray painted a few colors, probably green and tan). To make these pieces you’ll need at least the new “fish net” item, which was recently introduced, and a burlap sack. Three fish nets in combination will make the chest piece, so you’ll need four plus two burlap sacks to make the full suit, but that’s not all! You can also camouflage some of the weapons, including many of the AK variants and perhaps more, by using the same recipe for the ghillie headpiece and instead fashioning a gunwrap. This should make for some very interesting confrontations in the future, and many, including myself, are pleased with the implementation of these new items.

While I haven’t seen it confirmed, there are supposedly some new weapons also included in this update. These new items include a Steyr AUG, presumably a 5.56mm automatic rifle like its real life variant, and a medieval sword, yes that is right gents a sword.

Finally, most exciting to me, are leaked pictures and models of vehicles found in the new files, most notably the V3S, the same truck that has been in all the most recent vehicle teases and could be coming out right around the corner. As I’ve said before, when vehicles finally hit the servers, people are going to go nuts about this game, and beside making the servers hold a larger population, I don’t see a more important update coming to this game for a very long time. Fingers crossed that a Part 3 of .51 is coming soon with that sweet V3S just waiting to be nabbed.

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For more information on DayZ and a continuous update on new content found in experimental, visit DayZ TV, linked below.

DayZ TV Homepage –


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