Dragon Age: Inquisition – Initial Thoughts

5 hours into the new Dragon Age and I am HOOKED! This could be one for the books based on what I have seen so far, and if you were a fan of either of the games, this is going to be a must play title. I have never played the second game in the series but have seen many others do so, so I feel comfortable talking about some of its aspects in comparison to Inquisition. In a small description, Inquisition is a huge open world with fast paced combat that still requires tactical placement if one is to succeed in many encounters placed around the map. There is an enormous amount of exploration to undertake as well as a plethora of lore to discover that builds beautifully on the stories of the first two games. As fans of the series or of role playing games in general, this is going to be an exquisite experience.

To put my gameplay into perspective, so far I’ve only done ONE main quest after the initial tutorial story quests that took about 30 minutes after a new game was started. The initial zone plays quick as you learn your way around combat and tactics as well as meeting a few old characters and having to already make game changing choices. This replaces the somewhat lengthy “background” zones seen in Origins and includes a montage of cinematic cutscenes that quickly illustrate a world in disaster. Did I mention how beautiful everything is? It’s one of the best looking RPGs around and I’ve only just begun, though I can’t wait to return for more.

Still, for as great as this game has so far proven to be, it does come with some flaws. For one, I am very displeased that the cutscenes have been locked at 30fps and the effects are all too noticeable. Most of my gameplay is at 60fps and its just disappointing to have to drop down to 30 especially when we consider just how many cutscenes there are. The loot is also slightly annoying in that you have to be right next to an object to loot it, and I mean right next to it. In Origins you could right click on something in a reasonable range and your character would walk up to it then loot it, and thusfar in Inquisition there is nothing similar. Beyond these two fairly minor issues, I haven’t encountered anything else I would consider negative against the game, just be prepared to have a decent to high end system to run the game at high or ultra settings. Even when I’m not streaming I can’t be on Ultra and get a clean 60 (running mid 50s) on my high end system, so I’ll go ahead and keep the settings at High for now.

This is a huge week for gaming, with Far Cry 4, Inquisition, Draenor and GTA V on next gen coming out, but so far I think I’ve chosen the title that suits me best (though Far Cry 4 will be my next purchase). If you consider yourself a fan of RPGs in any sense of the term, this is a must play title, and if you’re a fan of the Dragon Age franchise itself, you need to get on playing this as soon as possible, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more, and feel free to subscribe if you enjoy the content.

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