Essential Gaming Software – Raptr

Do you remember when games didn’t have achievements and the only way to measure completion was by discussing plot points with friends? The good old days, right? Well, those times have come and gone, and in today’s gaming environment many of us are out to prove our progression through achievements and other quantifiable statistics. The problem, for us PC gamers at least, is that fewer games are being put into Steam (the king of software platforms on PC) and being added to other gaming hubs like Blizzard’s, EA’s Origin, Ubisoft’s Uplay and more recently Trion’s Glyph, just to name a few. This leaves us with several services to not only play on but to connect with friends and compare progress, with can add up to some serious micromanaging. However, there is a service out there that makes condensing this information, including friends, game statistics and achievements, much easier to track.

Introducing Raptr, in my opinion a must have for PC gamers that care about the statistics listed above. This service has you sign into various accounts, like Steam, and brings friends and progress to one place. It also boasts a massive community itself, so you can compare your game progress with tens of thousands of others. But the unification of game data is just one aspect of what Raptr has to offer, and in recent months it has become much more.

Today in the gaming world you are exposed to a variety of services and goods that other gamers have come to enjoy. This includes game streaming, live events, giveaways, mods and more, and Raptr is out to bring them all to one convenient location. With Raptr installed you can now live stream directly to Twitch and a few other services with a pretty simple setup for those who only want to show their gameplay without too much overlay flair. Raptr also offers an in game FPS counter and the ability to record footage in ways similar to Fraps and Bandicam. Even if you don’t want to record all your gameplay, Raptr now offers a service similar to OBS’s Replay and Nvidia’s Shadowplay that allows you to capture X amount of time previous to the hotkey press. You can also have Raptr optimize the games in your various libraries based on your hardware and what others with similar builds are playing on. I’ve actually found many of these optimizations preferable to those provided by EVGA’s GeForce Experience.

Finally, Raptr is now partnered with AMD and will award prizes based on gameplay. The current system is still in beta but basically you rack up points every day you play any game for a certain amount of time. You can max out these points daily with about 4-6 hours of play. When you reach enough points through play, you can redeem them as a currency for several items from Raptr and AMD. These can be raffle entries for gear and games, toys, games, collectibles and even relatively exquisite gaming gear like a new AMD GPU, which is pretty awesome considering that the service is free and is actually rewarding you for just playing games.

To find out more about Raptr, check out the link below. As always thanks for reading, stay tuned for more, and if you enjoy the writing please feel free to subscribe or like your favorite articles.

Raptr Homepage –


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