Warlords of Draenor – Launch Update

Earlier this week WoD went live as Warcraft continued to celebrate its now decade long run. Like any new game or expansion to a popular one, the experience so far has been less than thrilling due to instability. After almost a year without any major updates, players are hungry to get back to Azeroth and the current que times are showing it. In fact, since I decided to join Area 52, one of the most populated Horde PvE servers, my que times have been several hours at a time, forcing me to play on alternate servers with lower level characters when I can. Because of this, this update will have less information than I had originally anticipated.

However, we do know a couple of things without even having to have played the expansion that much. First, there are already many, probably thousands at the time of writing this, level 100 characters. Some started popping up less than 24 hours after the expansion went live. We also know that Draenor has sold millions of copies and currently WoW is looking at subscription numbers that haven’t been seen in some time. On top of this, we know that Blizzard has promised to remedy the astronomical que times by actually implementing a hardware upgrade across many of their most popular servers, could we see other benefits from these upgrades beyond just que times?

While I haven’t spent much time in the new Draenor yet, the time I did have there, about an hour, was pretty thrilling. So far at least the expansion doesn’t feel like it’s making me do 1000 quests in each zone as we’ve seen previously. It feels more like a story driven experience with good cut scenes and interaction with some of WoW’s more popular heroes. This is a plus for me because I am getting to the point now where endless questing just drives me away from the game. The questing may change after the initial zone in a similar way to the quests in Pandaria were handled, but only time will tell. Also, the music is phenomenal and I think so far the best to date in terms of audio quality from Blizzard.

When we are able to get past the initial server errors due to player size and a DDOS attack experienced at launch, it looks like Blizzard has produced a quality project with Warlords. We finally get housing, a new tier of raiding, and an expansion that doesn’t feel alien in nature when looking at the foundations of the original game. I hope to have more information soon as ques begin to die down, but if you’ve been able to get in and play please post any thoughts or comments below, and thanks for reading.


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