DayZ Update – Experimental .51

If you’ve been following the production of DayZ since it came out, then you know that the team rolls out updates in two different tiers. The first is to the experimental servers, where the devs can add or remove content to enhance gameplay and get real time feedback from players willing to try out new content before it is pushed again. The second release is the content that successfully made it through the experimental phase and is then pushed into the “stable” servers where the game is supposed to be near-fully functional. I personally like the system and spend most of my time on experimental, and this week it got another update in 0.51.

So far the update looks to be focused on a couple of aspects. Cannibalism is now officially in as you can skin and perhaps even consume human meat from fellow survivors. Along with this emphasis on skinning comes new art and animation for the hides of various animals that, in the future, will surely have several roles to fill. As the game continues to build on its survival requirements, hunting and living on the environment may produce instances where more warmth or item protection, say a case for a rifle, becomes essential.

There are also several changes and implementations based on a theme around “prisons”. There is a new prison building along with new clothes and gear, including guard gear and riot type armors. Finally, we see a change in the way death animation is being handled, particularly the colors that make up the new death screen. For more information on these initial changes and more 0.51 news, head to DayZ TV, linked below.

I am still personally hopeful vehicles show up at the end of 0.51 or in a patch soon after, and to add cannibalism before transportation… WTF? Thanks for reading!


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