Blizz Con – Overwatch


It seems that we may soon be in for another stellar title from Blizzard, as this year at BlizzCon they introduced their newest IP “Overwatch”. For now there are many questions about what the game could be, but it looks to be a combination of FPS and MOBA models, where heroes take different teams in an arena or map and fight with class specific characters, something similar to “Team Fortress 2”. Based on the success of most every other title Blizzard has created, including the recently introduced and wildly popular card game “Hearthstone”, fans should be ready for another breakout hit.

It may be a little while before the public gets too much information however, as Blizzard pushes its MOBA “Heroes of the Storm” into more public testing and understandable wants the focus to remain there. With that in mind, however, one can already sign up for the Overwatch’s beta on the Blizzard homepage linked below. It’s as simple as signing in with your information and hitting apply. Good luck to any potential testers who help Blizzard with their newest endeavor, I hope to be among them!

Blizzard Home Page –


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