CoD Advanced Warfare Update – November 2014

After a little bit of time in the newest edition to the Call of Duty universe, I have some thoughts to share and concerns to address. First of all, I’ve only played the multiplayer section so a review of the single player campaign will come later, though I have heard from multiple sources that while repetitive, the story is one of the better ones to be told. Second, I’ve only played about 10 hours so bare this mind going forward. Third, I actually find the gameplay to be very fun in ways I haven’t experienced since Modern Warfare 2, and I see no reason to stop playing anytime soon.

However, there are still some issues to be raised that would enhance the gameplay. The biggest concern right now is the issue of disconnections that I personally encounter in about 25% of all my matches. Either the game just won’t load in (and believe me my computer is not the issue here) or the lag is game breaking or sessions are shut down early due to a poor host. This happens WAY too much for a game that has this many installments with the same basic structural frame. There’s not much we can do about it now except for complain but it really needs to be fixed and I’ve read that it’s not only an issue for PC players but also for gamers playing on a PS4 system. Even if we don’t lose connection with the host, there are plenty of questionable kill cams where lag arguably played a role.

Another big issue I have with the game is the amount of CPU usage that occurs when playing. This game is VERY CPU heavy in testing, so much so that I cannot play, stream and record at the same time. I either have to play and record or play and stream even though I’m still sitting at 90fps when doing either of those, but when they are combined I go to an unplayable 20fps with about 95% CPU usage. This is apparently done so that systems with lower end cards but up to the date processors can still play with plenty of fps. It’s not entirely game break but I would prefer to be able to record, stream and play at the same time.

The only other addition to these early issues would include the “laser” weapons. Talk about overpowered, and to be honest I really don’t care for them but if they are going to be used they should be balanced just a bit.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll have another update on these issues after a little more time in Advanced Warfare.


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