It’s Coming – Warlords of Draenor

My very first post on this new blogging project was about WoD and now we are in the final countdown period until its release. On Wednesday evening / Thursday morning the new expansion goes live for the Americas and we can expect a large influx of players to be there at launch. Based on social media, game reviews and player hype we can expect this expansion to be a big one, probably the best since Wrath.

I’m personally still in a limbo as for what character I want to level with first in Wrath. I don’t see myself playing too much because of other launches this year (Far Cry 4, Inquisition, Assassins Creed). That being said, I’d like to raid casually at the LFR level and so I need to get at least one character up. I’m torn between a mage, shaman, pally or warlock, with the mage and shaman being under 90 but with a free max level token to use.

Whatever I end up choosing, I sure hope the hype is worth it. I’ve stayed away from looking too deeply into what the expansion has in hopes of going in with an unbiased view. With that in mind, I hope we don’t step into another Cataclysm or Mists, neither of which I was very fond of. I’m hoping this expansion is a step towards going back to the roots of the game that I once considered the greatest example of MMO gaming, and in a few short days we will begin to find out.

I’ll be streaming my gameplay for the launch (Midnight Pacific) and subsequent play, or you can catch my videos on YouTube. I’m hoping to do some sort of guide for this expansion, just not sure which guides yet. Click here to see my media outlets or look to the right for similar links. As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!


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