Five Titles That Deserve More Time – Fall ’14 Edition

Recently I’ve been perusing my Steam library in an effort to find games that I love. With the less than optimal MMO outlook (short of WoD being amazing) I’ve been turning to some single player games that I once enjoyed playing but have yet to finish. Its no secret that I have quite a few games in Steam, with a few in Uplay & Origin, and like many Steam users I haven’t finished many and some are completely unplayed (damn you holiday sales)! To coincide with the return to these titles, I’ve decided to start a seasonal posting aptly named in the title above that will propose five games I’d like to finish and achievement hunt in.

These titles are mostly random but are all great games in my experience, hence the need to return and finish. These games will mostly be single player and story based, but some exceptions may be made in the future. In the first of hopefully many posts in the series, I look at the five games listed below.

  • BioShock Infinite – 7 hours on record/all DLC/11% of achievements
  • Fallout: New Vegas – 59 hours on record/all DLC/24% of achievements
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – 17 hours on record/all DLC/25% of achievements
  • The Walking Dead 1 & 2* – 14 minutes on record/unknown DLC/2% of achievements
  • Total War Rome II – 27 hours on record/some DLC/12% of achievements

*I realize that this is actually six titles, but I feel the Walking Dead games are so close in nature and story that they can be treated as one for all intensive purposes.

When all is said and done, I hope to have added some significant time and achievements to these titles when the season ends. I’ll be doing these seasonal posts by calendar seasons, so my winter season will begin December 21. I’ll also include a followup before the next season to update on any progress I’ve made, though not all my gaming time will go to these titles. Thank you for embarking on this nostalgic experience with me and if you wish to join me live or on YouTube click the links to the right or click here.


One thought on “Five Titles That Deserve More Time – Fall ’14 Edition

  1. Too many great games need my attention this holiday season, it is burning a hole through my wallet and causing endless heartache at leftover games.


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