Evolve – Post Play Thoughts

After a couple of hours of gameplay during the Big Alpha event for Evolve, I have some updates and revisions to bring to my original thoughts (found here).

First of all, I think the game so far is really great and I’m excited to see where Turtle Rock goes in the future. I had original thought that the lack of team play on the monster side would be detrimental, but instead it provides a satisfying solo play where great players can shine and not have to rely on teammates that may not be up to par. There are already plenty of undefeated monsters with thirty games or more, and surely this level of skill will bring out equally great hunters to really prove who is the best.

One aspect that I had originally been turned away from was the fact that the monster had to level himself up around the map before a hunter encounter. After playing several rounds as the monster I actually came to enjoy the required quasi resource gathering that allows for the tier up, and it provides and interesting cat and mouse aspect to the game that can quickly switch should the monster reach tier 3 (although a T2 monster is still pretty damn good).

Another issue I had for both parties involved in gameplay, before I played, was the issue of “bad” players. Luckily, Turtle Rock has a somewhat safe system at the moment that matches you with other players based on the same level you have acquired. While this is not fool proof, the studio has done some modifications to the leveling system that requires skill as well as playtime to level successfully, for example you can gain levels early for just participating, but gun accuracy and other class specific roles (amount healed for medic, successful tracking for tracker, etc) will have to be fulfilled to continue through the leveling hierarchy. Still, the first couple of weeks are going to see uneven matches, but I really don’t see a way around that, and for now the system works.

I’d also like to add that I’m actually pretty impressed at how playable the alpha actually was. I’m used to crashes and awful FPS issues in beta and before that, and I was running this game clean while recording and live-streaming. It also sounds GREAT, which is a plus since I feel so few games and developers actually care about the sound within a game. The Big Alpha has been extended a day or two since the PS4 issues persisted for so long, so if you haven’t gotten some time in yet, I highly suggest getting a look at this game. They definitely have some adjustments to make, but the framework is solid, and I can’t wait for more.

You can watch me play this game and others live or on YouTube by clicking the links to the upper right or visiting this page, and as always thanks for the support, stay tuned for more.


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