CoD: Advanced Warfare

Decided today, after some recent news, that I would return to the Call of Duty franchise once more in hopes to find a nice, fast paced FPS. The last time I invested any real time in CoD was back when the first Black Ops came out and even then I only played for the Zombies. To go back to actual multiplayer gameplay I would have to go all the way back to Modern Warfare 2, where I put in roughly two hundred hours and of course beat the campaign multiple times. It’s astonishing that these were my console days, and a lot in gaming has changed since then.

For a while now I’ve been a fan of the Battlefield games instead, and put some time into BF3 and BF4, but I have almost no interest in Hardline, and after the recent news of the confirmed Zombie mode in Advanced Warfare, I’m actually pretty excited to come back to the CoD franchise. Can Activision pull off an actual blockbuster again like Modern Warfare 2, or will the latest game crash like MW3, both Black Ops and Ghost before it? Only time will tell, stay tuned for a review, some YouTube videos, and of course any livestreams that are sure to come. The game opens for me Sunday night at 9pm, and I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

P.S. I AM NOT excited about the $40 DLC/Season Pass. That’s $15 dollars higher than most of the season passes we’ve seen since the idea materialized, could this be beginning of game packages that start at $100 and don’t consist of collectors items? Until the game really wins me over, with 100 hours of gameplay or more, I highly doubt I’d invest anymore money into it. Your move Activision.


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