DayZ SA Thoughts (October 2014)

I’ve been playing DayZ for years now, really ever since the mod came out for Arma II and beyond. I played the vanilla mod and epoch for the mod the most, but I’ve also dabbled in the new Epoch for Arma III (which is great btw if you haven’t checked it out you can here Breaking Point for Arma III and Wasteland on Arma III which plays similar to DayZ short of the zombies. In addition to these, I’ve played almost 70 hours of DayZ SA and the more work they do the more excited I get.

Recently they announced the .50 update that has been hitting the experimental servers for standalone which introduces several weapons and more features like horticulture etc. These sort of updates are very exciting because I enjoy the range of weaponry available in the mod and if one remembers when SA originally came out they’d remember the only two weapons we had for weeks. However, I’m still turned off by announcements like horticulture, hypothermia and other “super survival” aspects that SA has been implementing for months now. What made DayZ great for me was hopping in a helo with a couple of guys and going to war with another group while the threat of zombies persisted around us. Without ANY form of transportation after almost a year in early access I find SA hard to play for any reasonable amount of time, and the lack of vehicles is also the main reason I can’t get the guys I used to play with to get on anymore. I just hope that the game doesn’t get too crazy on survival to the point where I’m constantly worried about food, drink and warmth instead of going out bandit hunting or committing a killing spree.

I really enjoy, for the most part, what the devs have done with the game. They have some balancing to do to make it more of a quasi shooter with survival aspects rather than the survival game I see it as today. At the very least, I hope they offer modding tools soon because the community made some really great content for the DayZ mod when it was big. And please, please, please please add vehicles soon, we would all love them!

For more on the new update that hit experimental servers today, check out this great source they do an amazing job with all the news around DayZ and feature some pretty good streamers also. Look for more updates and streams to come soon, thanks!

DayZ 2013-12-18 20-36-27-888


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