My Rig – Peripherals

Now that we’ve had a look inside the machine, lets take a tour of what makes it great on the outside. IMG_0263

  • Monitors – Currently my 780ti is supporting two monitors though a third may be in the picture eventually. My main monitor, the one I do all my gaming on, is an ASUS PB278 with a resolution of 2560x1440p. The thing is a beast, and produces amazing picture at an affordable price for the 1440p it generates. I purchased it before G-sync was really a thing, which is one reason to replace it, but for now it’s great and is probably not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve had it for almost two years and have only seen one dead pixel on it, so I’m very pleased. The second monitor, which performs a variety of tasks, is a Samsung P2770HD with a 1080p resolution. Nothing special here, just the first monitor I purchased with the system, only complaint would be the very flimsy stand that came with the setup, seriously, it’s atrocious.
  • Keyboard – I’m sure there are many great ones out there, and of course you want to go with whichever one suits you best, and for me that’s the Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2014 by Razer. I’ve been rocking Razer gear since I first started PC gaming, and to be honest it’s done fine by me and I have almost no complaints. I did move to the stealth edition after the 2012 regular ultimate I owned because it was too loud to stream with, and while the stealth isn’t super quiet, it’s much more bearable.
  • Mouse/Mousepad – Based on the keyboard, you could also guess that I have Razer gear for these peripherals, and you’d be right. I have the 2014 Naga and the Goliathus control. The Naga is amazing if you do as much MMO gaming as I do, with seventeen buttons that can be customized for all sorts of games. I used to have the Naga Ultimate, but I find that the lighter 2014 makes for more accurate and easier movements than its earlier counterpart.
  • Headset – Recently I upgraded from an old Logitech headset I’ve had for years to the Astro A50 headset. While I don’t know too much about sound, I was able to make these things sound pretty amazing with some software tuning. They produce a virtual 7.1 surround with a 5.1 input, which is why I installed that sound card I mentioned in my other “My Rig” post. They’re also wireless, but only hold about a ten hour charge when in gaming mode, so a long session will require a plug in. I use the built in mic for VOIP applications like Mumble and TS3, and have been told that it sounds much better than my last headset, so I’m pleased with the mic in that setting. I probably wouldn’t use the mic for twitch/youtube if you’re going for quality.
  • Microphone – speaking of microphones, I very recently decided to upgrade my mic to make videos and streaming sound a bit better. Right now I’m rocking the platinum edition of the Blue Yeti Mic, and it has done wonders for me in terms of quality. It was fairly inexpensive for an entry level mic, and does everything I need it to do. I have it set to cardiod, one of its four settings, in order to record only from the front of mic and block out the surrounding noise which it does fairly well. This is something I couldn’t have done on my headset without extensive work into a noise gate, which on OBS for now doesn’t seem to work all that well anyways.
  • Speakers – Finally, I do have a set of generic 2.1 speakers that I rarely use but for the $20 bucks they cost me have done more than their fair share of work.



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