My Rig – Inside

As any other good enthusiast is also guilty of, I too love to talk about my PC specs with anyone that will listen. Most people probably don’t know what they are packing in their computer, but if you’re reading this you probably do, which means I have your attention, which in turn means you get to be my next victim!

As a gamer, I demand good gear that will allow me to dominate where I can and not be held back by inferior hardware, as a streamer, YouTuber and visual junkie I demand great gear that will let me play with the best graphics while pushing my processor and card to the edge providing video upload of that game play, and so, I introduce my rig.

20131130_152923 20131130_153628

There isn’t a name, after all its not a boat, but it does it’s job well. I admit that I did not build this when it first came to me almost three years ago due to my lack of knowledge around anything PC, though over the years I have done all the upgrades myself with the exception of replacing the radiator on top since it is really the only thing that hasn’t been changed. I’ve redone the water loops to my liking, replaced the graphics cards, added a new drive, put in a sound card, replaced the water pump and reworked all the fans as well as replacing the CPU, RAM and motherboard. Everything has gone pretty smooth, and I’m fairly confident in my ability to build, replace and repair in ways I couldn’t have imagined a couple years ago. But enough about that, lets take a look inside.

  • Case – housing the entire rig is a Phantom NZXT Tower with a Black/Green theme, which is the color scheme of my entire setup today. (The pic on the right was very early on in the blue years)
  • Motherboard – Currently I am running on an ASUS Maximus VI Extreme LGA 1150 Z87, it has several features that many overclockers enjoy, though I disregard many of them like the external fine tuning tool which allows you to overclock without being in the BIOS. That being said, the BIOS is extremely easy to navigate and turns system overlocking into a breeze.
  • CPU – Housed inside is an i7 4770k running at 4.4Ghz, a modest clock speed but I’m happy with it nonetheless. The CPU runs great, but is only four cores and eight threads, and with Intel’s introduction of new enthusiast grade processors that start at six cores and go up to a whopping eight cores, yes eight, I’ll be making modifications soon.
  • RAM – Currently I have sixteen gigs of RAM installed in the system. The make and model being Corsair Vengence, and they are running at 1866Mhz. I’ve had them steady at 2133Mhz throughout most of the computer’s existence, but after some random crashes I decided to downgrade the clock. It turns out it wasn’t the RAM but was instead a problem with ShadowPlay. Remember the new CPU I just mentioned, well it’ll require DDR4 RAM and a new Mobo, so I’ll be upgrading all three at once.
  • GPU – I used to have two AMD 7970s in the rig, but due to faulty crossfire issues I decided to move to one 780ti. My EVGA Classified is currently only running at 1239Mhz on full load with a minor increase in voltage, and until I know more about clocking in this area, it will probably stay this way. This is another component I would like to upgrade in the foreseeable future, but not until I see what comes out after the 980, or maybe AMD can win me back sooner.
  • Storage – I’m sitting on several different drives at the moment that all equate to about seven and a half terabytes of storage. Of this, I’m sad to say that only about 200Gbs are SSD. Moving to a 500Gb SSD is probably the next upgrade that I will make, in addition to a new OS. After the SSD storage, I have a data drive that is about one and a half terabytes, a Steam drive that is almost three terabytes, and an external drive with about three terabytes that I use for video editing, pictures and other media content. While the external gets the job done, I would no doubt benefit greatly from an internal drive in terms of video editing and capture speed.
  • Sound Card – After my move to 7.1 Virtual sound, I had to get a card that would keep up, which led me to the Xonar 7.1 PCIE sound card with optical output. I don’t pretend to know much about sound, but it gets the job done.
  • PSU – This thing is a monster and is no doubt overkill for the current setup I employ, but with the two video cards before I needed a bit more juice. The 1200w Corsair Gold rated power supply makes sure everything I add has the power to function, and its modular, so I can decide when to add more juice and when to cut it.
  • Cooling – I’ve never much been a fan of air cooling, especially when overclocking is something you dabble in. While I’ve heard of plenty of systems that clock fine on air, I’d rather be on the safe side when this much money is invested. Cooling my rig is a custom liquid loop that currently only services the CPU and includes a 240mm radiator and an XSPC 750 pump. I clean it out about every 8-9 months and replace the loop entirely. When I do make my GPU upgrade, I think I’ll go back to also cooling the card, which is how the system was first designed with the AMD cards inside. Of course I have some fans to compliment the liquid cooling and obviously to distribute heat from the radiator up top. Inside now are seven 120mm fans, one 140mm fan and one 240mm fan. Four of the 120’s are attached to the radiator, all blowing up, which I found after testing to be the most effective.
  • Reader/Writer – While not overly important, there is also a Blu-Ray reader and DVD writer injected into the system, and I think I’ll add a media card reader soon also.

All in all, the thing is certainly a beast but includes some outdated hardware if we go by enthusiast standards. Thanks for taking the time to look at it, and stay tuned for updates that are made.

IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0261


One thought on “My Rig – Inside

  1. Wow! A great rig with a gr8 loop you got there! Your current GPU setup is good for alll the present games, and you will also have no issues running AC Unity. But, If you were to upgrade the gpu, gtx 970 is best for performance/watt in my opinion. GTX 980 is a beast but I would wait for the AMD 3xx series and see what its got in real world benchmarks and see how Freesync performs. Then again, it comes to personal preference.

    Happy gaming! 🙂


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