Warlords of Draenor

Quit Playing WoWWoW

Yea, good luck with that. If you’re a gamer at all in this day and age, and in what other day and age would you have video games, then you’ve no doubt heard of the infamous World of Warcraft. In fact, I doubt you have to be a gamer at all to have heard of perhaps the most successful game of any genre to date. If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother, looked up Mila Kunis or sat in a coffee shop long enough then you too are probably among those who know of the game. And if you’re a PC gamer like me, then you’ve more than likely tried the game at one point or another.

However you feel about the game, we have to respect Blizzards ability to recapture the constantly dwindling player base every time a new expansion comes out, and although I haven’t played a launch day since WOTLK came out, I do believe I’ll be playing, and streaming, this one. With the arsenal of games I own on Steam and Origin and the plentiful playground that is today’s MMO scene, I’m amazed to find myself still drawn to a game that I’ve been playing off and on now for almost a decade. And yet, as excited as I am to play again, I have to wonder if Blizz will let me down once again as they have done in the last two expansions. Can they reclaim me permanently as a player who once enjoyed the game based on its lore, community and difficulty? Or will the catering to the casual MMO player provide only a brief stint of enjoyment followed by a lethargic exit once again from the Warcraft universe.

Check in to find out!


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