Open Broadcaster Software – Current Settings (Oct 2014)

I plan to do a more detailed post soon about the basics of OBS, but for those of you who are somewhat familiar with the program already, I’ll post my settings below. Again, these are just my current settings and I change them often.

Encoding – x264 / Use CBR / Enable CBR padding / Use custom buffer size

Max Bitrate / Buffer Size – 3350kb/s

I’ve used Quick Sync and NVENC before (available with an Nvidia card) and both were fine but the quality is worse than x264 and so in turn requires more upload to stream SIMILAR image quality. I emphasize the similar because I always get better picture with the aforementioned settings.

Audio Encoding – Codec AAC / Bitrate 128 / 44.1kHz / stereo

Broadcast Settings – I use the Replay Buffer to act as a quasi-shadowplay while Nvidia fixes theirs.

Video – Since I game at 2560×1440, I downscale to 720p with the bilinear filter at 30fps.

Audio – Again not much, I suggest setting devices to defaults but play around

Hotkeys – I use the numpad for most of my hotkeys, keep in mind that many hotkeys are compatible with more than one function.

Advanced – Multithread optimization / Normal priority / 400ms Scene buffer / Allow other modifiers on hotkeys / CPU preset at veryfast (don’t mess with default unless you know what you’re doing) / Encoding profile main / Keyframe interval – 2 / Use CFR

If you do game recording or stream I also recommend Game Capture and CLR Host Plugin

A more detailed tutorial on OBS soon to come, and check out the software here


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